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Lanny Barby


Lanny Barby says … I started to work in porn about 5 seconds after my 18th birthday. I guess you could say that I was eager to get paid for something that I really love! Right from the beginning I did all the nastiest stuff. Gangbangs, DP, Anal, Boy-Girl and of course Girl-Girl. And in case you're wondering : Yes. I really do like to have a nice hard cock in my ass! I do prefer them to be a bit smaller than the size I like in my pussy though, hehehe. I like boys and girls for sex. The most important thing is that they can keep up with me!

Lanny Barbie was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, making her the first ever Canadian Vivid girl. Lanny Barby is so famous, she has 10 names! Well not really but kind of. During the lifetime of her career Lanny Barby has been known by many variations of her name but when she signed with Vivid in 2005 we finally got the official and legal name that she uses. One thing her die hard fans will tell you is that Lanny Barby is very paticular about her apperance. The little things matter to her such as making sure her fingernail polish and lipstick matches her outfit. They may seem trivial to some but not to Lanny Barby who prides herself in her apperance and thinks it is important to care about even the little things. She first signed her contact with Vivid on April 1, 2005 and it was a two year deal. That contract was set to expire in 2007 and it was assumed that Vivid would renew this contract for at least another year if not longer however industry sources are saying that isn't the case and that she has taken a break from the business for now .... they all but said she retired, instead opting to call it at temporary hiatus. Lanny Barby is now living a quiet life in Canada enjoying her time off from the industry and being with her friends and family.

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Lanny Barbie

Lanny Barby