Lanny Barby was born on August 29, 1981 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Lanny is 5 foot 5 inches tall, weighs about 110 pounds and her measurements are 36D-25-36. Barbie has appeared on the covers of several men’s magazines, including Hustler, Club, and Penthouse, for which she was Penthouse Pet of the Month in June, 2003. Most of her career she was a natural large C cup. However within the last few years Lanny seems to have had some work done – although no official comment has been made on the matter. Here is a before and after image of Lanny.


Lanny began her adult career in 2001 with her appearance in “World Sex Tour 24: Canada“, a low budget porno. A year later Lanny made two more low budget flicks. In 2003 Lanny was 20 years old and ready to get series about her career … Lanny Barby was named a penthouse Pet of the Month for June 2003 and Lanny performed in an amazing 10 movies this year.

In 2004 she decided to top her previous record and performed in 16 movies! 16 may not seem like an overly big number to some but keep in mind that your average starlet under contract rarely if ever performs in more 5 movies a year.


In 2005 Lanny Barby was more focused than ever. Lanny performed in an astonishing 34 titles and she still had time to sign a multi-year contract with Vivid video. What most people don’t know is that when Lanny Barby signed with Vivid she was also in talks with two other companies for deals, Private and Wicked Pictures. Lanny Barby said “It was really difficult, because I have Wicked, Private, and Digital {Playground} wanting to talk. As more days go by with my decision, more companies call for contract with me. It was really difficult to know who is going to be the best for me. I think I choose Vivid for the quality of the video and the fact that he give me so many more opportunities for my Website”.

Vivid wasted no time putting Lanny to work and that same year released 5 movies that included Lanny Barby. The first movie was Groupie and it was released on October 05, 2005. This was really more of a Tawny Roberts movie but Lanny Barby did have a scene in it in which she gets a facial. About a week later they released Circus on October 12, 2005. The next month would see three movies come out, Lanny’s Summer Daze on November 30, 2005, Skin on Skin on November 2, 2005 and Sunny on November 9, 2005. And in December of that year they would release Spiked on December 7, 2005 and Nameless on December 14, 2005.

That same year Lanny Barby found time ot get married. She married male pornstar Julian on March 5, 2005, who was 11 years her senior. This Hispanic heartthrob was born in Santiago, Chile but moved to LA when he was quite young. This Hispanic heartthrob was born in Santiago, Chile but moved to LA when he was quite young. Julian is also known as Julián Ríos, Julián Ruíz, Julian Andretti, James Julian Rios or Jordan Rivers. So what made Lanny fall in love with him? Some say it was his exceptionally large penis that is rumored to be over 9 inches long and quite wide as well. Lanny Barby’s official comment on the matter was that they had a lot in common and & he knows exactly what I like and the way I like it. Lanny went on to mumble something about his big cock slamming her from behind, but it was said to low for me to get down exactly what she said. Before embarking on his adult industry career, he was enlisted in the United States Marine Corps for six years (1988-1994). He is a veteran of the Gulf War. In 2000 he was married to Jill Kelly but it was only briefly and almost as soon as they got married they divorced.

Just a few weeks after getting married news broke that as of April 1, 2005 Lanny Barby would be a Vivid girl for at least the next two years. What’s so unusual is that most girls get signed to a single year by year contract. Lanny however was offered a multi year contract with Vivid. Very unusual but considering how hot Lanny is, it is not surprising.

This is also when we get the solid and defined use of her official name as Lanny Barby. Under contract with Vivid Entertainment, Lanny would have to specify the correct spelling of her name and from this point on, it would be the official use of her name. Prior to this Lanny Barby had been known by many variations of her name including Lanny Barbie (the most common one), Lanni Barby, Lanny Barby, Lannie Barby, and Lannie Barbie. But the moment she signed her contract with Vivid it became official, she would forever be known as Lanny Barby.

In 2006, the hardest working girl in porn had 10 of her movies released although most of them were movies she did with other big named Vivid girls. It wasn’t until 2007 that we would begin to see Lanny as a star.

2007 started off with a bang for Lanny as she starred in Where The Boys Aren’t 18 along side some of the biggest names in the adult industry. Starring in a Where The Boys Aren’t video is sort of like an initiation into super stardom. 2007 also saw the release of Lanny’s first big feature “Burnt Fury”. This was one of her best selling movies to date.

It was once rumored that Lanny Barby also has a half-sister who is in the adult film industry. Lanny Barbie’s so called sister performs under the name Kimberly Franklin (or Kim Franklin). CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS OF KIMBERLY FRANKLIN.

Lanny Barby and Kimberly Franklin from their movie Stood Up
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Lanny Barby and her half sister Kimberly Franklin have the same flower tattoo across her arm. Kimberly Franklin entered in the adult industry in 2000, starring with Peter North in North Pole #19 (billed simply as Kimberly).

What brought the sister act to light is an official investigation by the higher ups at Vivid when the two performed together in the movie Stood Up. Dave from Vivid stated that 100%, for sure the girls, although close are of no blood relation. He was very clear about this and stated it several times. However, there seems to be quite a bit of evidence to say that they are in fact sisters … even if just half sisters, that still makes them blood-related (as they would share the same father).

In early 2005, Lanny Barby’s site began to claim that they are only step-sisters, probably to avoid any legal repercussions of their scenes together, which over time attracted a fair amount of notoriety. However according to porn producer Jim Gunn, “I was told by someone that knows them pretty well that Lanny & Kimberly are indeed half-sisters, both having the same dad, and based on their similarity and their interaction from working with them for a few days … I believe it.”

But that’s not all. Lanny Barby went into business with two long term friends in Quebec Canada, forming Lanny Barby Productions in conjunction with Eromodel casting, which basically is an adult only casting company in Canada. The company was even named after Lanny called Lanny Barby Productions. This website features both Lanny Barby and Kimberly Franklin (acting as their official booking agents) and it says under Kimberly Franklin, half sister of Lanny Barby. So I called this company and asked them some questions such as who they are, what relation they have to Lanny Barby and if the two are related. The man I spoke with identified himself as an owner of the company. He said that he and Lanny Barby have been close friends and business associates for years, that they are practically family.

I said, so then you know Lanny Barby’s sister Kimberly Franklin? He replied, yes that he knew her and I asked him if they were, in fact, blood related. He said that the two girls are half-sisters, they have the same father but that they did not grow up as sisters, in the same household and they are more like best friends than sisters. I explained that half is still blood-related, and how could they perform together sexually on camera if they are in fact blood-related. He said they are very much really sisters, half, sharing the same father but they did not grow up like two sisters in the same house so they don’t see anything wrong with it. To them it would be like two friends having sex with each other. During this conversation, he didn’t seem to have the slightest idea that what the two girls were doing was wrong. Legally and otherwise.

But that issue aside, that is just one more source that confirms the two girls are in fact related by blood. Although the reps from Vivid won’t comment on the issue any further, I did recently notice that their movie Stood featuring both Lanny Barby and Kimberly Franklin having sex with each other, was pulled from the Vivid website.

As of February 20, 2008 the Lanny Barby Productions website has changed back to the name of Eromodel group Casting and the photo of Lanny Barby as an “owner” of the company has been removed. Interestingly enough, her photo has also been removed from the website and she is also no longer listed as a client on the female models pages. However the name Lanny Barby Productions still stands on the forums and Kimberly Franklin is still listed as an available model and it still states that she is the half sister of Lanny Barby. It is unknown why Lanny Barby has been removed as part of this partnership and the people from the company did not return my emails requesting information about this latest in this unusual saga.

In June of 2007 Lanny Barby and her sister Kimberly Franklin took part in a charity event to benefit fellow porn star Nicki Hunter, who was recently diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia. This event was called Vivid Bike Night and it was during this event that we got to see exactly how close Lanny Barby and her sister Kimberly Franklin really were. Here we have some photos from the event from AVN.

Lanny Barby first signed her contract with Vivid on April 1, 2005 and it was a two-year deal.

That contract was set to expire in 2007 and it was assumed that Vivid would renew this contract for at least another year if not longer however industry sources are saying that isn’t the case and that she has taken a break from the business for now …. they all but said she retired, instead opting to call it at temporary hiatus.

In May of 2008 a photo was released featuring “all 6 Vivid girls plus Tera Patrick” and noticeably absent from the photo was Lanny Barby.

The 6 Vivid girls that Vivid had under contract (at the time of this photo in May of 2008) included:  Briana BanksMeggan MalloneSunny LeoneSavanna SamsonHanna Hilton, and Monique Alexander.

Some industry insiders are saying that Lanny Barby and her husband Julian divorced and that as soon as her contract with Vivid expired she left the business and went back to Canada to live near her family. In April of 2009 a person pretending to be porn star Tiffany Mynx on Twitter (who was later proved to be a fraud) claiming that Lanny Barby died in a car wreck. This information was later confirmed to be false.